Just Copy & Paste

Use this template below to never worry about image generation again. Create stunning visuals effortlessly and use the template provided below with Given Pallete to create any image.

🎯How to use it?

  1. Read the workflow

  2. Take the template: [format] of [subject term], a [solidifier], [perspective], by [artist (1): (%)] | by [artist (2):(%)] / in the style of [style], [vibe], [booster], [exclusion] ****3) ****Replace the content in the brackets with inputs from “Pallete to copy-paste” (Template will turn in to prompt that looks something like this: “3d render of an astronaut on a horse, astronaut sitting on a horse, wide angle, by rené magritte: 75 | by vincent van gogh: 25, cinematic, 4k resolution, no other animals”)

  3. Copy your prompt and paste it in your chosen Image Generator (List Below)

  4. Enjoy the result.

Prompt Template:

[format] of [subject term], a [solidifier], [perspective], by [artist (1): (%)] | by [artist (2):(%)] / in the style of [style], [variant], [booster], [exclusion]

Prompt Example: 3d render of an astronaut on a horse, astronaut sitting on a horse, wide angle, by rené magritte: 75 | by vincent van gogh: 25, cinematic, 4k resolution, no other animals




🖌 Workflow

1 Subject subject term (i.e. astronaut on a horse) *required
2 Style style modifier (i.e. in the style of anime ) or artist (i.e. by piet mondrian)
3 Format type of image (i.e. charcoal drawing of)
4 Booster quality booster (i.e. vivid)
5 Solidifier repetition (i.e. astronaut sitting on a horse)
6 Vibe moods or emotions (i.e. blade runner)
7 Weights exclusion (i.e. --no other animal) and mixing (i.e. by roy lichtenstein:75
8 Perspective viewpoint (i.e. panoramic)

🎨 Pallete to copy-paste


Image Generators
Styles Artists Formats Boosters Vibes Perspectives
anime claude monet photograph trending on artstation control the soul from behind
surrealism pablo picasso painting beautiful futuristic wide angle
dadaism piet mondrian oil painting vivid utopian fisheye lens
cubism jackson pollock line drawing professional dystopian telephoto
fauvism mark rothko charcoal drawing extremely detailed blade runner wide angle
renaissance georges braque macro 35mm photograph stunning cinematic panoramic
impressionist andy warhol album art cover wondrous fantasy bokeh
baroque roy lichtenstein one-line drawing fantastic elegant lens flare
rococo rené magritte crayon drawing contest winner no mods hard lighting
romanticism frida kahlo pastel drawing postprocessing magnificent landscape
realism dean cornwell watercolor painting detailed retrofuturistic drone
pointillism craig mullins pencil and watercolor drawing trending on /r/art awesome on canvas
symbolism henri matisse vector art 8k transhumanist close up
neoclassicism johannes vermeer stained glass window 4k resolution from below
art nouveau vincent van gogh cartoon vfx wormhole from above
expressionism michelangelo 3d render rendered in unreal engine eclectic through a periscope
constructivism leonardo da vinci line art octane render epic through a porthole
futurism georges seurat pixel art digital art tasteful framed
suprematism thomas cole product photography photorealistic gorgeous dark background
dadaism greg rutkowski diagram hyperrealistic opaque white background
art deco gustave dore daguerreotype rendering old close up
pop art ralph mcquarrie screenshot from very beautiful lsd trip close face
ukiyo-e zdzislaw beksinski displayed on a store mannequin hyper realistic lofi low angle
vaporwave claude lorrain modeling photoshoot 4k emo isometric
synthwave james gurney cross stitched sampler blender 3d lucid viewed from behind
cyberpunk francisco goya manuscripts 70mm moody 85mm
prehistoric art pierre auguste renoir pencil sketch high detail crystal oversaturated filter
ancient art hayao miyazaki advertising poster arnold render melancholy sunset photo at golden hour
suminagashi bill watterson illustration ultra high poly cosmos extreme close-up shot
medieval art alphonse mucha in fortnite zbrush faded midshot
memphis design edvard munch on judge judy highly detailed uplight head-and-shoulders shot
abstract organic katsushika hokusai captured on cctv look at that detail concept art long shot
skeumorphism funko pop on sesame street studio lighting atmospheric full shot
minimalism lucian freud under electron microscope well preserved dust extreme wide shot
photorealism yoji shinkawa kindergartener drawing high poly particulate in the distance
hieroglyphics utagawa kuniyoshi wikihow unreal engine cute overhead view
hudson river school toshi yoshid fifth grade yearbook stormy aerial view
pixar movies diego rivera courtroom sketch magical tilted frame
corporate memphis hatsune miku on america's got talent scenic over-the-shoulder shot
babylonian art hieronymus bosch mugshot bold 1/1000 sec shutter
ancient egyptian art caravaggio in gta san andreas colorful motion blur
steampunk gustave doré us patent metallic shallow depth of field
rgb gamer frank frazetta in mario cart eyes wide in wonder plain background
game of thrones john constable news crew reporting live awestruck knolling
fractal salvador dali cave painting character
chinese watercolor galen in minecraft intricately designed
abstract pieter brueghel book cover charming
post-apocalyptic annie leibovitz trail cam f/1.4
gothic wes anderson polaroid grainy
cybernetic frank gehry sketchbook blur
dieselpunk saul leiter japanese wood block reflection
afrofuturism dorothea lange medieval portrait refraction
biopunk terry richardson
dashcam distortion
airbrush simon stålenhag
security footage smears
alegria banksy disposable camera smudges
1990s disney, cel shading hanna barbera autochrome ethereal
vintage disney beatrix potter double exposure serene
vintage looney toons norman rockwell editorial fashion photography spirited
south park dr suess advertising campaign kaleidoscopic
mannerism axel schaefer vogue magazine cover psychedelic
post-impressionism keith haring real estate photography saturated
bauhaus edward hopper harsh flash photography brash
mexican muralism lisa frank lomography tender
the movie matrix thomas kinkaid long-exposure photograph with slow shutter speed peaceful
stranger things basquiat camera obscura funereal
low poly hr giger pinhole photography melancholic
glitchcore brueghel the elder theatrical press release muted
rick and morty duffer brothers press release ominous
avatar the last airbender arcimboldo balloon float in the macy’s thanksgiving day parade unnerving
the simpsons fellini architectural photography from magazine ghastly
peppa pig keith haring interior design curvaceous
tim burton stunning photograph from lansdcaping magazine monumental
mc escher travel photography manmade
robert hargreaves photoshopped image emotive
ivan shishkin full body photo amorphous
albert bierstadt portrait extemporaneous
robert mccall cgi spontaneous
samuel daniell experimental expired film photo jaunty
action photography smoke effect
sigma 75mm mysterious
shot on iPhone 6 neon
on Flickr in 2007 furry